Healing A Broken Heart "�" How To Forgive Your Ex.

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Healing a broken heart is a multistep process that can be done very quickly if you are focused. However, if you dont have enough will power and desire to move forward, this process can take such a long time that you cant even imagine. If you dont concentrate on moving forward, you have pretty good chances of sticking in your past. Usually, the main problem with not being able to move forward is the inability to forgive your ex.

Healing a broken heart means being free from your memories about your ex as well as from all negative feelings that your broken relationships brought you. If you have any negative feelings toward your ex such as anger or jealousy, you wont be able to move forward. Imagine your ex now he (she) has no issues of healing his (her) broken heart because he (she) is living happily with his (her) new flame.

You are the one who cant move forward, live happy, and have new relationships because every time you try to do so, your memory brings tons of negative emotions and thoughts about your ex that prevent you from being happy. Healing a broken heart cant be done until you can accept that your relationship is over, and everything happens for the better. Yes, your heart is broken, but if you stuck with the relationship, so it is your fault as well. It means that you marinade yourself in memories about your ex.

Healing a broken heart starts from forgiveness to your ex and if you are not able to do it for him (her), you need to understand that you are doing it FOR YOURSELF. Your ex has nothing to do with healing your broken heart. Healing your broken heart has everything to do with your understanding that being happy or being miserable is totally up to you and nobody else. If you keep swimming in painful memories, you will simply bring back your past so you have to learn how to control your memories, your thoughts, and your mood.

Forgiveness to your ex is step number one to healing a broken heart. It does not matter how much youve been hurt. Actually, the more youve been hurt by your ex, the more you need to forgive him (her) in order for you to move forward. You have one life and deserve to live it happy which is completely impossible if your heart is broken.

Forgiving your ex, letting go of all negative thoughts about him (her) and understanding that happiness is inside of you are the three main keys of healing a broken heart. For more information please Visit: www.brokenheart911.com
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Healing A Broken Heart "�" How To Forgive Your Ex.

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This article was published on 2010/11/03