How to Heal If You Have a Severely Broken Heart

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We all learn from our mistakes.  It is no ones fault that the relationship did not work out because it had to take two persons effort and not one.  You are still a worthwhile person and you should not blame the relationship problems only on yourself.  But now is the time to learn from your mistakes and move on.  The relationship did not work, now what?

You do not need to give up on dating just because things did not work out with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend.  Just because your boyfriend or girlfriend broke up with you does not mean that you will never be in another relationship again.  You will be dating right after your heart heals.

You should never hold on to things of your ex if you plan to move on.  You must be prepared to throw out or give back any of your exes stuff. Keeping stuff that reminds you of your ex is never a good idea if you want to heal fast.  You must be prepared to move on or you will be in pain for a long time.  There are ways to reduce the pain of your severely broken heart.

You need to get closure from your ex.  For example, if you broke up over the phone you must see each other and say your goodbyes to really feel like it ended. Also, if you owe each other any money or anything else you should settle that right away so that you can close the ties that are between you.

If it was a serious break up, you should avoid each other for a little while.  Tell your ex that you think it is a good idea not to see or talk to each other for a little while.  You can still be friends but now is the time to see less of your ex and concentrate more on yourself and other things.  Try to avoid calling or texting each other, and emailing each other.  Also, don't make a point of following your ex on Facebook or MySpace.  By clearing him or her out of your system even if ii is just temporary, you are better able to move on.

Now you need to know the parts to heal your severe broken heart and there is a way to by following these three steps.  You can get back into the world sooner than you thought.

First, engage with others such as your family and friends.  They will want to support you so let them.  You are grieving right now and they are the key to help you feel better.  The best way to have fun with others is not to talk about your ex, talk about other things that make you happy.  Try to have fun with your family and friends and you will see how much they care about you and you will feel better.

Second, look into all your options.  You now have time for yourself so why not join a gym class or  some other activity.  Not only will you be doing something you like to get your mind off your ex, you will also be making new friends and feeling better about yourself.  These activities will really help you to get over your severe broken heart because you will also be looking and feeling better.  You can also look to do other things such as cooking classes, dance classes, etc.  Volunteering is a great thing to do to fill up your time and it takes good energy and lifts your spirits.

Third, you can now start to date again.  This does not mean that you will fall in love with your first date or the first man or women you see.  But, you do need to go out for dinner, just as friends. Many people believe that you should start dating slowly and in some situations such as kids maybe that is better.  But, it is also good to go on many dates, not serious dates but fun short dates just to test the waters. You should have a good time but do not feel like you have to fall in love each time.  Do not make this into a rebound relationship but rather a fresh fun start that ends in friendships.

To heal a severe broken heart will take time and it will be hard but you must remember that you will not feel like this forever and you will begin to heal and date again.  It does get better.

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How to Heal If You Have a Severely Broken Heart

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This article was published on 2010/03/30
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